I loot yer bones!

This morning I transmute a Skyflare Diamond, then grab my herb bag to go herb-ing. I head out to WG to pick herbs and then start up on the battle.

Near the end of it I run into a BE Paladin named Chillbrosy (prot/holy) just sitting on a mammoth doing nothing, so I take this as an opening to toss a Penance, Holy Fire, and start smiting. At half health he wakes up and starts attacking back, and we start dancing around each other making little progress since he appears to be on holy spec and any damage either of us do we just heal up.  A little later another Alliance joins in on the fight, then 3-4 others and we finally get the guy down. /kiss!

As I’m still out there herbing I start getting irritated at the “such and such is under attack” that keeps spamming the area. I head to Westpark and there is a damn horde rogue attacking MY NPCS!  I kill her!  And loot her bones!


I then run into another BE rogue who was fishing named Bayler, and Penance, Holy Fire Smite Smite Smite until he uses some rogue trickery to dive in the water and hide. He comes out later and I /wave


Handsome devil! Of course when he gets too close to me in the air and starts jockeying around I sniff trouble coming up and swoop higher, than watch him land, dismount and vanish.  Yes, you rogues are trouble and I like it XD

I create some elixirs and send them to Stout, then create some Flasks and post those on the Auction House.   On the way to the bank I pick up the quests from Erunak Stonespeaker for Stormwind Keep and trips to Ironforge.  On a non porting class, sigh. I head to the tram.


and just miss the last one.


while running around there WG comes up, but we lose it thanks to them throwing way way too many vehicles at us. I go back to the fort and spit on them.  I then run a WSG which starts out promising but we lose when one of the dumb people with the flag runs away from everyone, and I cannot outheal him seeing that he has 4 horde beating him to death. We lose. ugh.

Later I get into WG with 3 mins to go, and we’re just getting our asses handed to us.  I watch a horde hunter 1-2 shot everyone within reach, including myself, through bubbles and everything.  We only had about 12 people there but they must have had insane tenacity.  Ugh.

I run a AV after and we win.  I had to ask Plewps to explain that BG to me, since I never really liked it or got how it functioned.  The next run I can’t find anyone to heal and we lose.  Not because of that, but it was fruitless on my part.

I run my daily which is CoS, after which I  get in on a VOA 10 that didn’t start, I can’t find a weekly run, I go PVP again.  I get AV again, run into the boss room at the last second, Divine Hymn everyone through it and we win. After that is a Isle of Conquest and we get raped, like no dinner no movie raped.  With both hands.  That sounds awful doesn’t it? But it wasn’t pretty.  Next up is AV, AGAIN. We lose suddenly for whatever reason.

I get in on a weekly finally which is in Naxxramas, an easy one. Noth the Plaguebringer.


and this is a goofy shot I got because they pulled him when I was using Mind Vision.


After that I ran a quick WG and we won. I think I’ve had enough for today.

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