I need a few hundred honor more for another Wrathful piece, so I run EotS which we lose like always, then WSG which was a decent run but we lost.  I still don’t understand why people can see someone sapped, especially a healer, and just run away.  I’ve also experienced a decent amount of people, usually DK’s, that are fighting a horde with me assisting on heals, then they bail as the horde turns to me and just run away.  That, sucks.

After that I get another Strand, and earn Ancient Courtyard Protector achievement, and we win!  I have enough honor for my Wrathful Satin robe now, and I was going to replace that last but there’s nothing stopping me from just saving the pretty Relentless so I went with the robe upgrade.


Going to try to keep the graphics quality up too but I have to turn it down in some raids, especially Marrowgar because it makes it next to impossible to move.

I run a few more BGs and try to take some action screenshots but as in all games making pretty pvp shots makes your skills suffer greatly.  Here is me getting whomped in Strand by some orc brute


and another of me dancing around a blood elf rogue (again!)


and just a mage that made me want muffins


I fraps’d part of an Ancients battle but the way I pvp is not very pretty, both using raid frames and health bars to heal, so either it looks awful to watch or hiding the bars, I don’t heal so well. That or it’s zoomed out too far to be very pretty.

There’s been no one on in guild all morning, no friends on. I log out.

The ICC 25 this time takes only an hour to get together, and we start off trying Marrowgar on heroic.  This will be my first time on 25 heroic anything besides Gunship.   Some tards pull him right away and wipe it. Then on the way back in, someone triggers a trap.  The bear tank starts arguing about how it should be done, in addition to being annoying with an add on that tells everyone what they did wrong or how they died.


I die on the second attempt on a bone spike no one was killing. Then the bear tank pulls trash when no one is ready and quite a few people die. Sigh. Then the fail bear tank says he forgot his girlfriend was coming over, and had to leave.  There was much mocking of that needless to say.  Prior to all this I am discussing gear with Nilvana/Maice and I say I still have a 245 ring. I lose the roll on the ring from Marrowgar, but then win Ring of Maddening Whispers from Deathwhisper, which was probably better for me anyway.

Flipping to heroic gunship resets trash, again. Annoying.  I do not win the roll for the mark off Saurfang, but Nilvana/Maice gives me his winning one. WOO! Now I can upgrade my robe to sanct, two ugrades in one night, SWEET.

It seems most people don’t listen to loot rules when it’s one main spec need, and they win something, then immediately roll need on something else too. They say it applies per wing but with 25 people if someone hasn’t won something, that seems unfair to someone who has won, so I do not roll on Trauma. I do roll on Holiday’s Grace however but don’t win.


We get down Putricide and I get 25 Plagueworks.

Then on Blood Queen, people can’t seem to handle the biting and we wipe, then the second try some stupid dps bites me, and I bite someone but the rest get MC’d and we wipe again. And again, and again.


We did get her down with most of everyone dead, though I stayed up with another healer, one tank, and a few dps. Got the 25 man achievement there too. And won another mark!  Gonna be using up all my gems tonight looks like.

We also get down Dreamwalker so there is another achievement. I go get my gloves, upgrade to sanct, then upgrade my robe too. Place the gems and enchants, and it’s late as well so I GO TO BED!


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