Fing Tenacity

I log in for the last 2 bosses for ICC 25, but WG is up in 5 so I ask if it’s ok to run that.  Yes.  I fight against a warlock for a few minutes, and a rogue assists me, but he kills us both.  Fing tenacity.  I also dislike non healing classes that can heal themselves, that seems to be unfair.   Anyway I run into Rexe as per usual 🙂


We win and I get my 100 wins and earn Wintergrasp Veteran achievement.

We start ICC up and once again on Sindragosa, some people need the fight explained.  I’m sorry but this late in the expansion, if you don’t know the fights, go watch a tankspot video, read up on it on wowhead, something.  There is no excuse for not knowing fights that are 6+ months old. None.  We wipe on the first air phase immediately when the ice blocks come out since someone didn’t run down the stairs, and it’s painfully obvious who because of the symbols placed on everyone.  Besides that we had several people die in first phase.

Second run, was also a wipe. The fail rogue from last night, is busy being fail again tonight as well, and explains his dps isn’t that high because he’s trying not to wipe us.  Of course that angry’s up the blood because his fail is wiping an entire raid.  Why he was invited back I don’t know.  This fight is aggravating  because it just takes one person to hose the entire raid.


Third run we got to the third phase, and I survived the wipe.  It’s pointed out the fail rogue is wearing mostly pvp gear. sigh.  We fail again at last phase the 4th time, but I survive again due to someone getting me in their ice block.   Everyone starts discussing blame and someone says “Roll for blame” and I LOL for real on that. Next go I die in an ice tomb, even throwing a renew on myself before it hit.  Well, at least I don’t have to do much dead. Dying gives one good picture opportunities though.   After that point though I lose track of the wipes.  We get it finally and I get Exalted with Ashen and get my new ring. I was dead through that, however, died at like 100k health on the boss.

The LK run went slightly better than last time, and we got into the Defile stages but after 2 attempts people said they had to go.


They talked about reforming for 10 man and said to stay in raid if you wanted to go, which I did, only I was kicked or disbanded and not needed.  Sigh.  I’m destined to never get that title, EVER.  Maice on Nilvana promises he’ll get it for me though.  No pressure, man 😀

Turns out the reformed 10 man got the LK kill sometime within the hour after the 25 man broke up.  So depressing!  I only seem to get into the fail runs, over and over, never the ones that get it.

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