Horde spies?

Today I log in and no friends are on, and only 2 in guild. I run WG and we defend it and win, however we have what was probably a horde spy yelling out invalid incomings and incorrect breaches. I wonder if you can report for that. A few people are being negative saying we’re going to lose, but I point out we’re doing just fine. People that don’t do this often should keep quiet.

I get on again later and run WG again, find Rexe this time, and we win. Nothing too eventful other than I’m finding I need to heal like I’m in Lineage 2 again, which means casting a heal before damage is even incoming in the hopes that the person may survive the next strike. It is difficult this time to out-heal the damage horde is putting out.

Half of the guild is in the ICC 25 that started too early for me to join, so I pick my daily dungeon and end up with CoS, which is boring me to tears by this point. The paladin tank is very slow and the DK seems to be tanking for him. I think back to when items in here were upgrades for me, and wonder if it’ll be like that come Cata. Obviously that is a dumb question because it will be like that, but it feels like ages since I needed anything from a 5 man dungeon.

Kind of bored I queue up for some BGs and get Arathi. We lose massively, destroyed all the way back to Trollbane and can’t even leave. Sigh. I wish I had an add on that would tell me how terribly out geared we are compared to the other team.

Next one is IoC and we lose terribly again. I get sapped at the docks and another priest shields me and then starts spamming Holy Nova trying to knock the rogue out of stealth. I thought only I did that. I was about to thank them when the battle rudely ended with our loss.

Last one is a Strand and at the beginning someone is calling out orders. We capture the titan relic, then the horde does, and they win. I really don’t get this bg. I have top honor for our side. Bored, I log out.

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