Invasion in Stormwind

Logged in and WG was just starting, hopped on that right away.  Horde were overpowered as usual with their bullcrap tenacity, and I had another Alliance player point out that they were getting killed by a rogue and I just healed the “other guy”.  I was like uh yeah we had 2 people fighting a OP shaman and OP spriest, so at least one of you were going to die.   The person commenting had TWO funny symbols in their name so I pretty much ignored them after that.

I help kill a blood elf paladin by the name of Garrspally and blow a kiss before they hit the ground.  Later this same paladin runs into me and smacks me with Avenger’s Shield for 5k, fury for 1k, but he dies again anyway. The guy is running around in blues, at least according the wowarmory, so that explains some of it.  We win fairly easily.  I go do the Fueling the Demolishers quest.


Bored, I head out to farm herbs but it seems a lot of people are doing that as well, so I pick up a quest in Scholazar Basin from the Mark’s Overlook. I return the key to the chest, get my reward and 12 g.


WG is up again and the horde are determined to get it, both by throwing lots of people at Sunken, and defending their vehicles the entire way. I do VERY little healing and mostly spend my time trying to kill vehicles. I show up as ending with 817 for dps even!


We win, barely.  Next fight we’ll probably lose it.

Later I get in and queue for for a BG, and get WSG.  The horde, I’m sorry (not really) are really, really bad.  I even get a chance to dps a bit.  I run down the tunnel to our base and resist 3-4 horde, then survive a run through the flag room….


then all the way down the other tunnel, outside, and ’round and ’round until I nearly run out of MP, without dying at all, and we win! I have top honor as well.


I even had a killing blow, that’s hilarious!

Afterwards I put on PVE gear and ask if anyone in guild needs their daily dungeon.  No response. Sigh. I PUG that.  I get VH which I try to liven up by DPSing a bit. During the water boss someone acts stupid and throws the switches when the bubbles AREN’T out causing the party extra unnecessary damage.

Someone in guild begins complaining at the Call to Arms winning battlegrounds aren’t giving enough exp.  I say it should give 2-3 bars and they say that doesn’t seem like enough.  2-3 bars for not that much work at 77 is plenty.  Gosh people are spoiled.

Queued up for WG and saw the Westpark spam, and went to find a shadow priest named Antigank there. We whomped on each other for a while until she runs off and flies away. She says something in orcish which is “throm’ka” but I don’t believe there is a translation for that.  Either way, I made HER leave.

I run WG and run into Rexe and Nilvana.  The horde have something like 16 stacks of tenacity and are 2 shotting people, but we end up destroying them back to their base anyway and win big time. I haven’t been able to get a VOA 10 all week and tonight seems like no exception.

Before I log I head to town where an invasion is supposed to start.  The guards yell for people to flee the town.


You can barely see the streets for all the people there. It indeed turns dark and stormy, my screen nearly goes white from the lightning and storm mobs start spawning. We’re supposed to place sandbags around the town, and kill the portals and elementals spawning.


Once that is over, which was pretty cool, we queue up for the fire boss which I missed the quest on, and didn’t get close enough to screenshot.

Then the water boss.


Then some dragon.


and air. And yes the King of Stormwind fights in two of these, prrrow!


All in all, REALLY fun,and a bit of a challenge as far as healing goes. I get complimented on my healing on one run even, because these guys dished out a lot of damage and had some troublesome freezing skills, tornadoes and such.


Oh and yes, I love Varian Wyrnn XD

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