Today I grab some quests I missed last night, then head to the front of Stormwind where I’m in charge of checking over citizens papers.  The announcements by the guards, and the comments by all the people remind me quite a bit about the security fuss we’ve been going through in the US (and other places I’m sure) for a while now.


Once in a while people get escorted out. I search my 5 people, while the other citizens continue to complain and the guards threaten with time in the stockades.


and this guy turns up a Suspicious Note and gets carted off.


and the NOTE!


I also read my decree from the King to the annoyed people,  about trying to protect against dangerous cultists. I love this game.

I head back to the Recruiter and now I get to arrest people, awesome!  I nab my first one who was in SW in a stealth mode by a purple candle. Now hilariously followed by 5 of them,


I set off to the Stockades.


Then I head in to question them.


They just backsass that there is nothing we can do about any of this. I put on my disguise again and use the book at the altar, which opens the portal to summon the elementals on the city.  Well, no wonder it was so bad last night! I then get sent out to read the word in the city, which the cultists were doing when I arrested them earlier, but I get to read them BADLY. Excellent! 😀

Back in town the raid I did last night is in full swing again. I get my ass handed to me by the elements and die. I really don’t think I want to rez right now.


I healed for a while but after a point I ran in an abandoned building to wait it out. When the NPCs returned I head out to do some interrupting and bad reading.



After I turn in that quest it’s back to the tram to IF.  What is Haggle doing digging through the trash, by the way? I go turn in my quest and take a break.

Later I log in and my add ons are all not working.  I need them to heal, well, I mean I can heal WITHOUT them but it makes life harder.  I try out the default raid frames on a EotS and it’s ok but I really want my x perl working.  We win! I log out.


My de-friended friend Soulprince messages me and asked if I want to heal a ICC 25.  I already have one scheduled, plus my raid frames are broken so I say I can’t.  This guy never messages just to say hi, it’s always to go do something, so I guess the friend removal was a good idea.

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