Queued, please wait? Since when?

Logged in and I still have zero add ons and not even the add ons tab.  I try to queue for WG and it says something about how I’ve been queued and please wait, which I’ve never seen before.  When the battle starts it gives me the please wait again.  I dequeued and queued again, same thing please wait.  I went to the WG npc and tried to queue, and please wait.


Well, that guy won’t let me queue so I run off the fly there, only 2 mins in the Horde already has 5 vehicles, already has 2 walls down.  Rexe pm’s me and asks if the battle is going on and I say yes but the queue isn’t working and he says he’s “OMW”.  Shortly after they take the fort since we had roughly 10 people in raid.  Total, BS.

There is some discussion in trade about who makes Goblin Rocket Fuel and, thanks to Arashikage who gave me the recipe, I link it from Alchemy.  Apparently there is none on the AH, so I take the required Fireblooms out of my bank, then head to Stranglethorn Vale to farm the Volative Rum needed to make it.


the drop rate is abysmal, I killed at least 20 mobs with nothing.  I get around 3 after switching to the other beach area but that still takes around 30 mobs. Ugh.  It’s like farming in L2 again.

I notice one of the rifts out here, for  some reason, and iI see a Bloodsail Swashbuckler start attacking the mobs.  Kind of funny!  I have to AOE the mobs to kill them all at once to break the rift.


which then leaves behind a Mysterious Device.  After farming the booze for a while, I head back to SW and see it’s selling for 1g per, which totally isn’t worth it.  Upset at my add ons I delete all the add ons and reload everything, and now everything is happy again and loading.  And Quartz is remembering where I saved it last.  Awesome!

Now that WG has been made even on both sides now, no one will have tenacity any more.  To prove this I kill a blood elf paladin named Sevuf (ooh, another handsome red head)  and shortly after, a horde priest whose name I did not catch, solo.


I get myself killed multiple times making stabs at breaking down their vehicles, disc spec or no, and healing up other Alliance.  East is a bad place to be and I die oh, many times.  I mention this horde death pit in raid.

Unfortunately even though I said East was a bad place to go, Alliance rolls several sieges through there which are busted up by all the horde I said were there, and the breach clear through to the inner CY from west that someone else announced, is totally ignored and we LOSE.  I foresee us losing a lot.

Later I run my dungeon which is CoS, AGAIN.

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