Cataclysm Events

Flew around herb-ing today, first through WG, then to Scholazar and accidentally slipped into the Borean Tundra and got that exploring achievement.  Didn’t know I was missing it.  During this WG ticks down to queue time and I queue up for it at 14 mins to go.

and watching protodrakes kill elementals is kind of epic.


The queue comes up for WG but it tells me I’m not called yet. SIGH. I’m like, RIGHT THERE so I just fly over to see what’s going on. I get thrown back out. I crab about this in trade and someone else says they also did not get called in. I head back to WG and ask how many are in raid but no one answers, and I get thrown out again.  I get in after that point and there are 13 people in myself included.   We have a breach at west already with 19 mins to go. Shortly after they have 5 vehicles beating on the front door. Those are busted up quickly and they are down to 0/8 vehicles then shortly after up to 4/12.

The west inner wall goes down. Fortunately for us everyone is communicating well,  and the tower team gets the towers down and we win it.  The balancing I am not complaining about, only the fact that WG was never meant to be run by 10-15 people per side.


One person is setting up a VOA 10 and needs healers, so I PM them but don’t get added.  Another person does the same and I get in on that.  We do all the bosses and I get the 10 man achievement on Emalon.  There is a mage in here named Cann (symbol over the a) which all heroic sanctified gear and he pulls 14k dps.  Wow.   He asks for Power Infusion which I oblige when I can. The other priest healer drops at the last boss but I single heal it just fine.

I get in again later around the time WG is active and queue and get the please wait thing. I get in shortly after and we have nearly 5 full groups.  I’m in at 23 minutes and the horde already has 9 vehicles, and by the time I’m finally taken down by several horde just outside of the west keep, and by the time I rez back up, they have taken the fort and won.  Well, it was quick at any rate.

Later on again I queue for a bg before our guild events are supposed to start and get IoC. Half of us run to docks and get wiped OUT.  I head back that way and get flattened by two horde and no alliance around to heal. The battle quickly turns into a, why are we even bothering kind of fight. We make zero progress and get rolled and I make out with a whole 35 honor.


We get together for the weekly with is Malygos and I have never done it, on any character.


It takes 3 tries to get the flight part down and it throws me because I cannot see the drakes hp bars, and my interface doesn’t show their damage.


I swear the last phase is seizure inducing though.   We get it!


We then run VOA 25, and like usual nothing for priest drops.  We do a full clear. Well, I give up and just buy my T10 pants for my 4 piece set.

I run a IoC, again, we lose, again. Next is AV and we get to the boss guy, everyone runs in and I die straight away.  So yeah, that was good. I get nowhere near there after that, but we do win. 139 honor.

After that is EotS and these NEVER go well and we get steam rolled at DR. Then everyone deserts me at FRR so I leave too. Then it’s all “why is no one defending it?” Um because everyone left?  We DO win it though! 89 honor on that.  I’ve had enough for today.

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