Blood Queen

I run Strand and although we do very good, and the battleground groups seem much more fair, compared to our usual groups, we lose.  I get 68 honor.  I do not like Strand very much just because we always seem to defend it fine, then we’ll almost get their door down, but we lose anyway.  Eh yeah I suppose I should read up on how that works. I do get an honorable mention in this one though.


and I withstand several horde repeatedly for quite a while


WG is up in 3 mins  and I queue for it, but it tells me I’m not called in for about 10 mins.  When I do get in the horde have already taken down a tower or two, we’ve made no progress on the walls, and even attempting to defend the sieges rolling in we’re no match for players standing near the dead guns shooting down, or anyone hell bent on running under the vehicles and breaking them up.  I mean, I do that personally as well, the sieges/demo can’t hit you, and it requires some kind of CC to stop you from suicide-ing to take it down.  Sieges and demos should have some kind of body-crush skill or not allow players to run THROUGH it.  IMO.

We get done one wall but end up losing. Well, I’m up to enough honor to get another Wrathful piece at any rate.  The items at the Veteran Arena Vendor are now correctly showing no arena rating required for the lower end items. I buy the hood and gem and enchant it.

I need to level cooking some more, and my next highest recipe requires eggs from the raptors around Menethil Harbor.


I remember hating these guys on my mage since they would call for help and I’d get beat to death shortly after.

Now the shoe, she is on the other foot!


It takes something like 50 Raptor Eggs to get the Curiously Tasty Omelet down to green on the cooking list.

I queue for WG again and we lose.  The horde can easily repel all our vehicles with their own plus defenders since we only broke through a single wall, which just makes a murder hole.  Sigh.


Later I run a AV and someone maps out plans at the start but eventually, we lose pretty badly.  Epic battles though so I enjoyed myself, and I got another compliment from a warrior. (had to merge several images to get it all on one)


I queue up for WG but do not get in. We win it that time though.

Queued for WG again, and I solo a hunter down to .03 health but I was screwing around going on offensive so I died before he did.  Shame!  Even though I’m shouting the entire time that all we have to do is bust up their vehicles and mostly play defense, there was only a handful of people doing defense and the horde rolls us 15 minutes in. Alliance doesn’t like to work together.

Again, queued for WG and we failed something hard.  Horde was defending, they got 10 vehicles before we had any, managed to take nearly all the workshops, then bust all the sieges we had coming out of sunken, and we didn’t even get a wall down.  I have no idea what we were even doing because we weren’t killing their vehicles, weren’t defending the towers (which they got all down), and weren’t getting vehicles.  Oooh I was furious.  We LOST.

At night I have the regular 25 man.  We do fine until Putricide where we wipe, due to the person in the abom not slowing down the oranges, then later the greens not being killed quickly, and I died when the green zapped me and no one was around to share the damage. We get it the second time though.

I do think the trash before the blood princes is, a little overpowered, when they destroy 2 of the tanks and 2 healers in like 30 seconds. These guys, they suck.


During the Blood Queen a rogue gets MC’d and kicks the living hell out of everyone.  I run back up only to get smoked, along with everyone else “safely” waiting in the queens room when someone pulled one of the Valkyr in the rooms below and all the adds ran up to get us.  There must have been like 20 trash mobs running around up there.

People were not biting or biting the wrong people, (I got bitten once, again), not running the flames OUT of the group, and not meeting up for that connection spell thing. This is the last thing I see before we decide to not do this boss tonight since the RL is tired, and I am too.


We get down Val and then call it a night.  My rolls are fantastic tonight and I don’t have a single roll above 20, and that was over 4 rolls.  I had like, 18, 11, 12, 14. Lovely.

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