Get in a WSG group and we’re failing terrible and horde gets all 3 flags and us not even a single one. It’s one of those where you just want to say, just let them have it.  We’re stupid and don’t know how to play together. 36 honor on that one.

Next one is EotS and absolutely no one is communicating again and we are all over the place and lose horribly. I go and take Fel Reaver Ruins my freaking self and get to stand around listening to people say things like “inc mage”.  INC MAGE WHERE????  We lose, what a surprise.  29 honor.


AB is after that, and we are communicating which makes me very happy. Apparently this is part of an alliance pre made since someone from Ravencrest is saying “pugs” defend.  I really must start running premade because PUGS just make me angry face.  We win, I earn 4th highest honor at 145.

Then my un-friend Soulprince asks me to do the event bosses.  Well why not. We get in and he asks how to tank it.  We all get frozen shortly after and I die. We all die.


Soul says he can’t interupt because he’s a) busy tankin’ and b) not” looking” to interrupt anything. He tells the pally to stun the boss.  /facepalm.   We get it after much arguing about who is doing what. We end up getting it the second time however

After that we do the guy in AQ with no deaths.  I don’t get so much as a thank you for helping out. I scroll back up in my text in case I missed it, but rather than a thanks I see I missed this


OOOOOH!  That bugs me to NO ENDS even back in Lineage 2 when people would do that, in pvp especially.  I pm him and tell him I know what I’m doing he doesn’t have to tell me to heal.  I get a “srry” because it’s so hard to type an O but that’s it.  And for the record, I always thank tanks that run me through stuff as a favor.

Hm. Speaking of favors, I recall I do need the fire boss, so I tell him I still need the fire boss because I missed the quest.  This is only minutes after defeating the last boss he needed, mind you.  He said well I’m in my guilds ICC 10 cont.  That was fast, I say.  He says they are on Sindragosa and might get LK tonight.  I’ll slit my wrists if that guy gets it before me.

Later that night we get down Blood Queen on the second attempt, and amazingly one shot Sindragosa. Oh I’m feeling this tonight, I am!  Unfortunately the first tries at LK get NEARLY to 3rd phase then get worse and worse after that.  The 25 man folds.

I get in on the 10 man and the holy priest, who had very low heals, comes with too.  She doesn’t appear to be doing very much HPS but threw me under the bus about not dispelling her, even though she was nowhere near the horror.  She was at 2k, as holy, and I was at 8k at disc.  Go fig.  I couldn’t tell that she was healing anything.  During the 2rd attempt she rezzes, takes the sickness and DC’s with no warning.  We did not get a LK kill tonight, and it was so late we just gave up.  Not really upset about it though.

I end up dropping my current guild and join up with this one however, since I’ve been raiding with them anyway and our activity in the other one has been next to nothing for months.

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