Blazing Hippogryph

I log in this afternoon and catch the last 10 seconds of WG. I see a paladin flying around on a red hippogryph with a red flaming tail, something I’ve never seen before. I ask them (Shardwynn) where it comes from and they say from a TCG Loot card. NICE. It’s the Blazing Hippogryph

I don’t feel like PVEing much today so I get Strand and we win, then get AV and 30 mins later we lose. Isle of Conquest we win. I spent my time in the guns during most of that. Then we lose WSG but that is mostly because a group of me and 3-4 others spend the majority of the time trying to beat down a shadow priest. I think they are a LITTLE OVERPOWERED right now. A little.

I then get Arathi and a mouthy night elf DK by the name of Hotter was berating everyone for being terrible, and I told him to shut his mouth NOW. Then he said we at the LM sucked because we lost it, I said you’re right a warlock and me can take on 5 horde. He comes to LM I assume to watch me and the shit talk stops after that. And we win, so I get to ask “so who sucks NAO?” XD The upside of that is now I can afford my new pants. I drop one Mystic King’s Amber for a Potent Ametrine this time but keep the same leg enchant.

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