How does he um… yeah.

Tonight we have a 25 man LK run, just the Lich King. It takes until around 8 to start and just as we pull the LK, everyone gets punted off the server.  We log back in and we’re all at the START of the instance.  We also see that Marrowgar is back up.  Uh oh.

One of the druid healers says they are so good they put the rest of us to shame, something to that effect.  I tell them not to worry we aren’t bothered by massive overhealing.

Anyway we wipe a few times but the highlight of the night is the new mage (Brdlady) to the guild being a cry baby about no one saying hi, and not being invited to the raid we’re doing, and blah blah etc.  I’m almost ashamed to play a mage.  Crying about not getting in a raid that is a continuation is just annoying.  Did you get invite? No.  We already have 3 mages, we don’t need more.  And you didn’t get an invite. Everyone starts dropping and they call the raid, so 2 hours totally down the drain.

We run Black Temple, with 11 people, on 25  man raid.

I recognize the Gorefiend guy from some quests I did in Outlook way back in the day too.

Found it amusing that the face boss in here looks a lot like the Devourer of Souls in FoS though.

These guys brought the other healer and I nearly to our knees out of MP. Also the Mother Shahraz encounter I had to pop Divine Hymn and we still lost a few people, just massive, massive damage to deal with.

And finally I get to hear the famous YOU ARE NOT PREPARED line!

Yay! I get the Black Temple Achievement.  All I have to say is wow, poor concubines.  Both for trying to beat our asses and um.  Illidan and pals are uh, kind of huge.

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