When 250k hp use to be A LOT.

This morning I transmute an Eye of Zul, then run WG.  This time I have help with the horde killing the guns in the front.  With Tenacity horde druids are really insane, and we needed 5 people and me popping Divine Hymn just to take one down.  He had something like 250k hp.

Afterwards I offer to help Rashill, a DK, with the Bones and Arrows quest but we do not run into any horde.

I then run EotS and we lose like we always do, because no one knows how to play.  Alliance likes to take bases, then run off and leave it wipe open.  Over and over. Arathi Basin goes the same way. I am glad my mass buffs no longer take components though, that is for sure.  Using 20 or so in a few battlegrounds was annoying.

I get Isle of Conquest next and we’re told to go Docks and Workshop but we get rolled at both. it’s fairly obvious we’re going to lose straight away. I am wrong however, and it takes many, many minutes to lose. I do earn the All Over the Isle achievement however.

Next one up is Arathi and I’m left to myself to take the mine and defend it.  I remind people I am not healing on the road and if they want heals they need to defend a base. No one comes to the mine for several minutes.

I then head to Farm where everyone deserts me and I have to kill a horde warlock myself.  On my disc spec. Sigh.

I note that disc HEALERS are meant to HEAL people but no one seems to care. Somehow we pull a win out of that, though. I am about 300 honor away from Wrathful pants however.

I get Arathi again and this time we lose. Bleh.

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