I’ve played too much

Logged in and our VOA 25 group I signed up for doesn’t appear to be going.

I queue up for random BGs and we lose Arathi, what else is new.  I have a stupid paladin auto following me (AFing) as a ghost and repeatedly report him as afk, since this is a bot being a jerk and avoiding the auto afk kick.

I queue again and get EoTS. I die and get caught in the rez loop over and over. Then we lose. My healing is very low because Alliance never bothers to defend bases, so should I be defending I typically have no one TO heal.

Then WG pops and I go run that.  People that want VOA groups but don’t run WG are lame, btw. The guild calendar said we’d be doing VOA 25, but instead nearly an hour later, with Cinor crying about it, they decide to do the weekly instead and I get passed over because I want to run WG instead, as was sort of planned.  I’m kind of pissed.  But hey I’m a healer I can get the weekly without guild help. Just as I’m done with WG they tell me they’ve filled my spot even though I said we’d be done shortly. They said they would run VOA after the weekly, which will be foolish because you need to set up or join the 25 man versions right after WG is won or you’ll never get it going. At least, IMO. Soooo they ran the weekly THEN set up a VOA 25. I’m glad I ran a WG win so people who didn’t bother could take advantage of VOA. /grumble

We do get that down however.  I dislike healing with other disc priests unless we divide up who is bubbling what otherwise you waste time checking who already has the Weakened Soul debuff.

Then I run another BG and get Isle of Conquest, but we lose because we’re uncoordinated, totally. Got 49 honor out of it though.

I then run Arathi we which lose, but sort of under odd circumstances.  A rogue gets me solo at LM, I call out for help and a DK, Dargon-Kael’thas (with the two dots over the O) comes up and saves me.  We start a convo while I throw out Holy Nova to knock the rogue out of stealth should they still be around and he lays down whatever DK’s do, to do the same.  And even with us both doing that, both standing around the flag, somehow the banner turns to Horde and they win. We gripe in PMs back and forth for a bit and they say they will miss me anytime from now on.

Yes, I’ve played way too much today.  I run my daily dungeon with Maice and get Nexus AGAIN. I throw out some Holy Fire and Smites to keep myself awake.  Then I call it a night!

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