Quick, Hide the Bones

Logged in and transmuted a gem, then queued for a random bg and got WSG.  We’re coordinated from the get go by Sonar-Illidan and win.  I helped run in the flag with another shadow priest, then ran in twice with the paladin.  I then earn the achievement Supreme Defender when I pop the horde Paladin with an army of healers on him, in the nose with a Shadow Fiend.

I’m back up to 633 honor already.  I take a look at the Wrathful healer gear and it’s not bad looking, though not as awesome as the Relentless. Of course I may go for the satin set for the crit rating and the red and yellow gem slots however. That would probably suit my spec better.

I run WG since it’s up, and Rexe is there.  We win though it is close because the horde was putting up a bit of a fight on the east side, while completely ignoring the west.  We run through on the west side and I use smite, holy fire and penance to take out the guns.  I’m not sure how much it works but I throw PW Barrier on the sieges as they are breaking down the relic door.  I believe it does protect them, though. That gets up to 701 honor.

I then get into a VOA 10 group.  I’m really not sure why people in a 10 man, need repeated role checks to see who is doing what.  I set my role as a healer, they send a role check and I select healer.  They then ask people to type in 1 if they are a healer, to which I reply “I’d type 1 but I already said I was healing twice”. We do ok with the stone boss though a warrior is griping about people managing aggro, though everyone seems to be pulling it. We wipe on the frost boss, then try again and even me pulling out the big heals as fast as possible, I can’t keep even up the off tank using using pw shield, mending, penance, every second it comes up, and spamming greater heal.  I used up Divine Hymn on the first wipe and PW barrier on the second. The off tank bails.

We get a new tank. By the way, the DK T10 set is smart looking on night elf males.  The helmet covers their awful faces and they are taller than humans. XD

You can see the failure of our wipes littered all over the floor ><  The raid leader stalls up the group some how taking all damn day to go from Dal to VOA even with a portal.  We get that boss down though once again I cannot keep 2 tanks up at the same time. I have no idea what the other priest was doing, but it’s clear they did very little when I pull up recount and they did 28% of healing and I did 60%. I also did 71% of absorbs and they did 28%.  So again, they weren’t doing much of anything.  I mean I could tell that even with recount not loading, since no one was getting healed unless I did it, but damn. The awesome part is they also had 33% overhealing.

We get down the fire boss with both tanks down and maybe 3 people left. I drop group after that.

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