Remember weekly raids quests?

I then head back to Dalaran, and the weekly is Lord Jaraxxus, ugh.  It’s not terribly hard but it requires moderate raid coordination and requires downing Icehowl before getting to him, so sometimes it goes horribly wrong.

I transmute another gem and I should get them cut, since I’m up to  12 just on Ocyla and Silver has at least 5 too. I need 5 more honor to get my pvp staff.  I like the 2 handed weapons just because well, less bag space. And it’s priestly-er.

Anyway I get Strand of the Ancients and somehow, even being feared, stunned, sapped, silenced and basically rendered completely and utterly useless the entire fight, we win!  I go from 2545 honor to 2683 and have enough for my staff.

I run WG and we are attacking this time.  Apparently some people find it hard to communicate because the people on the west side are not telling anyone they are working on the walls, but when I say we’re working on center door, they then say they are on third and need help.  They repeatedly say this even when we are in the inner courtyard.  Dumb asses.  We win!

Later I run a WSG and we lose, though I stayed alive quite a significant amount of time, despite being cycloned and silenced repeatedly.

I ran my daily which is Nexus and I’m not sure who is tanking because everyone is taking considerable damage and taking turns pulling.  They then pull 2 of the lizard guys in the front with them into the end bosses room, plus the 2 already in there, and unfreeze the dragon.  I had to pop fing divine hymn to get us out of that.  Nonsnse!

I then ran a random bg and get EoTS, with the horde running in a solid pack throughout all the bases.  It looks like we may win for a while with someone directing but like usual we lose.  At one point I did chase off a boomkin who was trying to kill an afk shaman rather than me playing live.  So, I guess that was good.

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