Dance of Joy

Back in Mirror Lake Orchard I start talking to the Cultists trying to find missing family members.  I tell I talk to Cultist Wyman and tell him his family is worried and wants him to come back to Stormwind. He refuses stating he’s on the path to ascension.  Maybe they are serving Kool aid?

I’m having trouble locating some Cultists so I /target them and use Mind Vision to look around. Here’s me using it on Kaima. I’m in the back upper right.

Kaima doesn’t wish to return either. There is another cultist just outside the house that Lethelyn was in. She at least has the grace to burst into tears over the fight she had with her family over the cult. Back to Stormwind Keep Anton says there is nothing we can do to convince the cultists otherwise, and says that Cho’Gall is in charge of the cult, and it has to be Twilight’s Hammer. I don’t recall that particular lore. This explains all the devices all over town though, if I got some many other people did too and not all undercover. I find a device and it spawns a storm mob!

The Stormwind Guards just watch me kill it though and do not help. After I kill 5 I return to Anton and he worries that people will abandon the Light for promises of power and immortality. Now I get to speak to the King, prrrrow. Waiting for people to move so I can take a shot takes a while.

Wait, what? I get a party?

And now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!

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