Doing the CTA solo is a BAD idea

Today I get in just in time for WG with 10 mins left and we win. I then run Strand which is the Call to Arms and we get pwned like nobodies business. The horde have 3 frost mages camping the GY and kill everyone the second they rez up, and even putting up PW Barrier doesn’t help anyone survive.

I then run Arathi and some how resist against a warlock while asking for help several minute before some people arrive. We win that one and I end up with top honor some how at 119, with the next highest being only 50.

Next one up is WSG. This is one of those long dull ones where both sides hold onto the flags for ages. Which generally means, as it does in this case, we end up losing badly. I get 28 whole honor while the top horde gets 142.

I am hoping the plans Blizzard has for balancing up the battlegroups some how will work out. I have no desire to play Horde and I can still earn pvp gear in a reasonable amount of time, but I can see on Horde dominated servers how most Alliance would probably just switch to Horde (since that is a service) just to escape the nonsense. Of course then you end up with hour long queues for BGs because the other side simply doesn’t want to bother.

So yeah get EotS after that and we start off good but wait, wait, holy crap WE WON an Eye of the Storm. 101 honor for me.

I decide to queue for my dungeon and get Oculus and I won’t lie, I just exited the second I got in. Picked up another EotS bg to pass the time. We lose, and there is much gnashing of the teeth and tearing of the clothes. I turned up my view distance so I can better see the amount of people at closer bases and at mid, and people were screwing around at mid most of the time for whatever reason.

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