Epic “I gotta go” excuses

Tonight we have a 25 man ICC raid going on. The only rogue talks a great deal and says things like “if this goes bad I’m chopping off all your balls”. I say that’s ok some of us have no balls so go ahead. And this is in vent so it’s clear I am missing some balls.

I also notice that when people leave a raid they don’t just say “sorry I gotta go”. There is always some epic drawn out excuse that I could really care less about. You gotta go, that’s fine. Tonight we got “my wife just got back from the hospital where her dad is dying of cancer so I have to go coddle her”. And whether that story is true or not “I need to go” is more than enough. Yes, I’m a bitch, this is not news.

I did get a new weapon though, Frozen Bonespike. I prefer the maces because it waggles on my draenei ass which I think is cute but upgrade is an upgrade.

We do fine until Putricide then wipe that up 3 times in a row because of mistakes like not dpsing the slimes, getting hit by the orange slime, etc. But it’s late and I need to get to bed so no big deal.

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