Preacher of Doom

I ran a string of like 6 battlegrounds but we lost each one.  Fun stuff.  I remind people in EotS that if there are 10+ horde at a certain base, PICK UP YOUR SKIRTS and move somewhere else!  But again, doing coordinated pvp with no vent, is hard.

I head to Old Town to check out all the Alliance leaders in the keep, and run into this guy preaching doom and gloom quite a bit like the annoying preachers in L2.  The NPCs in front of him and sobbing, falling to their knees and praying, saying they don’t want to die and stuff.


Stormwind Keep is alive with all KINDS of people too. That may be because Captain Anton has a quest!  He tells me to go get pamphlets from these doomsayers, a few of which have hilarious names like “What Does ‘The End of All Things’ Mean for Me?” and “Finding Security and Comfort in a Doomed World”. There are so many players here I really can’t get a shot of him.


I visit the various patches of preachers and pick up my items. I turn that in, received 13 gold and now I’m asked to put up warning posters all over town. I place my signs and Stormwind Citizens come up, read it, comment then walk off. One in particular says “If I had a silver for every time the world was going to end, I’d be richer than a goblin trade prince!”. Ha ha!


Then I pick up another quest where I get to join the Doomsday Cult! Wee!  Also get another quest about finding missing people.  Even better. I like my Doomsday robes!


I talk to the Cultist and get some more quests, Spreading the Word. I head out and put one of those personal billboard doomsday signs on myself. I run through the areas yelling my DOOMSDAY stuff!


Then a whole string of cultists head over to a spot and start casting some dark magic, and who do I run into but Stout!


I then run WG and get the Within Our Grasp Achievement.

I queue up for my daily dungeon and get, siiiigh. Oculus.


Even though we lose like 3 party members leaving as soon as they can, the tank plows ahead only assuming the healer is still on him.

I have some interface problems where my buffs randomly vanish when exiting the drake, and I could not see the tank or anyone else taking damage.  If the tank hadn’t asked if I was going to heal him, he would have died.  As it ends up however, I died. I get credit anyway though, and run back, only there is no Satchel of goodies for me and the chest is empty.  Maice tells me they took that out.


If that’s true, that sucks.  Apparently my trouble was, according to the Warcraft forums, releasing before the boss was killed. Sigh.  FUCK OCULUS!

I’m about to log when Arashikage reminds me of the Dead Man’s Party achievement by dancing with Catrina in any major cities grave yard, so I go do that! Now I’m ugly and undead. Sadface.


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