Draenei Princess, yep that’s right.

My random last night was Utgarde Pinnacle (UP) and it seems their healer bailed on them after the first bit of trash.  The tank started prattling on some kind of nonsense that I paid not too much attention to.  Apparently this group likes to put healers through their paces since I had to heal as hard as I do in a 10 man ICC.  They did the achievement for Svala so I picked up The Incredible Hulk achievement here as well.

I nearly forgot I also got Gonna go When the Volcano Blows and Besting the Black Dragonflight (25 player) when I ran OS with Lila the other day.

I ran WG and Rayzo was there, and made a point to keep him healed when possible.  However I lost him when, nearly in the Horde camp I was blasted into the water and couldn’t keep the heals fast enough thanks to the interruption.

This morning I ran ToC for my daily ]and the shaman died during the jousting, some how died again before getting back in, then just went offline.  We kicked him, got a mage and finished.

I queued for a random BG and got WSG.  It was a premade for the Horde and we lost, but I was able to do a decent amount of healing and survived quite a bit.  People were quite courteous about watching for Sap from the horde rogue too, and I shielded and hovered by a few people that were in such a state.  Just before the battle ends I get a whisper from Zillaku-Ravencrest of “sexy draenei princess!” I LIKE that! XD


I run WG and although we got the towers down, we had next to no defense and they rolled in with 3 sieges and took it with 3 mins to spare.  Unfortunate.  The funny thing is however, I killed a horde arcane mage, by myself, at Sunken Ring.  They kept repeatedly attacking it while most Alliance ran past, but I got them with my shields, heals, and Smite XD Hilarious!

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