Lame “I’m out” excuses

Tonight I was invited to a 25 man continuation my mage ran last week, only we had 5 mages and were lacking healers, so I offered to switch to my priest.

It was supposed to start at 7:00pm but we didn’t get going to 9.  We did get down Sindragosa though, but not Lich King after maybe 3 attempts.  What I find interesting is the amount of people that leave a raid with no excuse, or an absurdly lame one like “well guys, I’m just going to leave now so you have plenty of time to find a replacement”.  Oh ok thanks for doing us that favor of leaving.  We also had a shaman healer doing something like 5% of the healing, which I believe Nilvana (Maice) said “was like 2 heals”.  I did discover that Power Word Barrier works well for the initial Infest assuming all the range is standing in it, which most were.  Without another disc priest helping to bubble though, repeatedly bubbling 25 people is out of the question.  We only got to the Relentless Winter part where the Raging Spirits quickly ripped everyone apart.  I did get invited back next week just for LK, so maybe I can get the title on at least one character.

I then ran WG with Rexe again, and although we’ve been losing more and more, and lose the one I ran before this, we won this time.  I have noticed however that the Horde are coming to the fort early and killing all our NPCs and guns, therefore ranking up enough to swarm us with vehicles.  People seem to ignore the warnings about the fort being attacked if they have no vehicles up though, which is not good.  They also do that with all the NPCs fighting at the bridges as well. I hope we wise up to this and not lose so much.

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