Ruby Sanctum

…getting that out of my system I run two WG’s today with my mage friend who is ever grateful for the heals. I grab an updated xperl and try it out on a random BG, which was Strand of the Ancients, only we get spawn-camped by the horde and I die as soon as I rez. I am not pleased.

Ran WG again and 3 minute in the Horde had the outer west wall down and was working on the inner. There was nearly no alliance in the fort so I correctly predict tha we will “lose it fast” and we did 2 minutes later. In defiance I fly through their fort and take the portal to Dal. If I’m on my mage I’ll lay down a ice nova “fart” on my way out but on the priest getting Death gripped would be an embarrassing way to leave so I just get out instead.

I was supposed to have a Ruby Sanctum (RS) run on my mage tonight, only the raid leader was not on so I suppose that is off. I ran yet another WG and we crumble under the assault of like 10 vehicles coming in wave after wave into the fortress and lose it again. I’m not really clear on where they are getting all the rankings to built sieges so quickly. Maybe it’s part of tenacity? We’ve been spread too thin lately, yet some how the horde is able to take Sunken, at least one Workshop, Broken Temple, and harass us at towers, as well as have 16 vehicles driving along at a time. Perhaps we’re just outnumbered?

I am hoping for a not so pro ICC group and I catch a guild run as me as the only outsider. We do well up until Blood Princes were we wipe repeatedly, mostly failing on Keleseth. First the warlock tries to tank it, then the mage. It just doesn’t work out, and I know first hand how hard it is to gather the orbs, while keeping aggro on Keleseth, while avoiding being melee’d to death by him, WHILE avoiding Vortexes and such. It’s really hard. The druid then posts his healing stats, and he has indeed quite outhealed me. He also has 75% overhealing. I’ve found posting recount stats, when no one has asked, to be quite poor form. Even if you don’t say it, it’s like ‘wow look at how I am outdoing you’.

We go to Dreamwalker instead and wipe twice. At the last attempt we have an epic death where Blazing Skeletons spawning one after another, and we all go down after about 9 spammed Lay Wastes in a row. I think the healing just wasn’t enough on the dragon there. I was chain throwing greater heals when I could and it wasn’t enough. Oh well, I was hoping for a not very hard core group as I mentioned just to get my Ashen Verdict rep up.

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