WoW has no pvp? Wut?

The other day I had someone note that WoW “has no pvp”.  I’m not sure where this misinformation is coming from.  Let me introduce you to the PVP menu.

The first one is Wintergrap, a large siege style battle that runs every 2 hours.  I’ve noted it in this log already; I like to attend as much as possible.  It pits the Alliance against the Horde on winning the Wintergrasp fortress which allows you to run VOA for JP, gear, and earn Honor for a multitude of things by completing the weekly  WG quests, and killing the opposite faction.  For more info see

The battlegrounds are Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Strand of the Ancients, and Isle of Conquest.  I believe I’ve talked about all these as well since I like to do them at least once a day.  These each have their own objectives too. Thing is about these is you can queue for them at any time, sometimes without needing to wait, which all depends on the server.  On my server you can chain battlegrounds immediately just about all day long. And these, unlike WG, are instanced so if one is full, another one will start up.  Battlegrounds can earn you exp as well as honor and if you win, you receive quite the decent chunk of exp. I levelled from 78 to 80 over a weekend in the Call to Arms (featured) battlegrounds.

Then you also have arenas in 2v2’s, 3v3’s, and 5v5’s, which work like the dungeon finder only you have to put together people on your team that you registered in a group, and then queue for it.  These sometimes have long waits on my server. The arenas as I understand it, can be “fun’ no point skirmishes or the rated ones. High arena scores lets you purchase the top pvp gear, through team and or personal rating.

Then there are always duels between players, and on pvp servers you can kill the opposide side at any time.  I play a PVE server which means I have to flag before I can be attacked.

Anyway, that comment just pissed me off raw. L2 has sieges but we have Wintergrasp and much more often, L2 has Olympiad and we have arena (and much more often), L2 has fortress battles and Territory Wars and we have battlegrounds (and much much more often).

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