I log in and spend some time looking at new pvp and pve gear, and conclude that this close to an expansion I really have nothing to gain from trying to buy the entry level T10 sets to get the 4 piece bonus.  While I’m looking at this I note that the iIiIiIiIi name trick is not unique to Lineage 2.

I decide to try to level cooking so I head out to Elwynn Forest, then the logging camp, then Westfall in search of meat or fish to cook.  When in Westfall I run across a frost mage who asks for help with 3 quests, named Ryangaraas.  As we head out to the area he goes afk for a phone call and I kill some of the quest mobs he needs.  I also have to go afk for a few, but by the time I come back he has disbanded party and logged off.

No matter, I run to Moonbrook and heal/shield/buff a paladin and another frost mage while I’m out there.

I work up to about 119 in cooking out in Lakeshire,  and then note that WG is up again and queue into it.  I run into Rexe, a mage who has been thanking me for healing the last few runs, and whisper him that he’s becoming my little WG mage friend. This person is probably the first mage I’ve run into that hasn’t been stupid or annoying, and I find out he has nearly 150,000 Honorable Kills.  After talking a bit I make my first ever MAGE friend.

Later I head out to Lakeshire again and start farming my lowbie meats for cooking.  I signed up for our first guild run of VOA in quite a bit, and Cinor signed up on his DK but did not show up. It hardly matters when we were the only ones signed anyway besides Lila.  On my way in I get my ass kicked by a blood elf paladin named Thedonjuan, but I was not buffed nor prepared and die.  Ugh.  It was well worth waiting for a “guid” VOA however and I roll a 100 on Wrathful Gladiator Boots of Salvation, the 264 pvp boots! I’ve been trying for those on my mage for months so this is more of my good luck kicking in!

Apparently everyone is in “frost” mode still and all leave after the frost and fire boss. The raid falls apart shortly after, however we reform to fill a 25 man weekly raid, The Obsidian Sanctum.

It goes well, and I get two achievements, though I fail and roll a 14 on the dragon hide bag and an 88 on the Large Satchel of Goods but lose that roll. I can’t be spoiled all the time I guess XD

Ended the night running another very thrilling WG, where we could not even get the towers down, and must have smashed up at least 30 horde vehicles and won!  I got my GNERDS Rage achievement there too. Phew! Calling it a night.

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