Wish I had Blizzcon

Last night I healed a full clear on VOA 25 and finally got the achievements for doing the Rock boss and the lightning (I think) guy that no one bothered with prior to the patch because it wasnt worthwhile. My dislike of mages deepens when one mage spammed the mage table wheel over and over again causing people to help summon it at least 7 times. It’s also a well known problem that mage tables lock up people that haven’t disabled tool tips, so this makes it extra douche-like to do. I have yet to find a mage who hasn’t been stupid or a jerk. Maice tells me I don’t count because I’m a healer at heart, which is true.

Previous to the VOA, I had a flawless WG healing run with zero deaths.

I really wish I would have gotten the pay per view for the Blizzcon coverage.

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