Scourgelord Tyrannus, rawr

I log in and say hi to guild, which includes the crabby mage being online and no one says anything back.  I however, do not crab about this.

I queue for my daily and get PoS where it appears the healer bailed or they wiped right after Ick and Krick.  We do ok though they need a lot of healing, with all the PVP I do it doesn’t seem that bad.  I go sleepy time with Tyrannus however XD

The group requeues and I figure I’ll go along with it, and get Old Kingdom.  Since JP’s are out they want to do all bosses, and we seriously do them all.

Even the Mushroom guy

I lose the rogue twice when he pulls stuff he had no reason to be pulling.  The entire group is taking TONS of damage in here, but I don’t notice until later that the top dps is 3k and all the rest in the low 2k. That explains some of it.

When we finished that dungeon I finally get the Heoric Ahn’hahet: The Old Kingdom achievement and Northrend Dungeon Hero.

After that I run WG and note that there is a horde DK taking out the west guns, and this time a few people assist me in killing him.  I also note that a siege is heading in so very NW it’s almost breaking in north, but it breaks through before anyone gets over there.

The DK we shoved out of the fort comes back for me with a vengance (Omnist) but I am able to kill him with the help of someone driving a catapult. We win though we had several holes in the outer walls and one in inner.  I again note that shadow priests are insane to kill. The hybrid classes seem a little OP to me in general though.  Most of them have the same amount of more tricks than my mage, yet they also have their heals, shields, and totems too.  Doesn’t quite seem right.

Anyway I am bored so I join a raid for Sarth3D which I only recently learned means killing the boss in OS with all 3 drakes up.  The raid wipes, yet we still kill it and I get the achievement.

Someone else wins the drake however.

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