Trick or Treat

Today I went on a run to collect herbs, so I could fill the GB a bit with stuff people may actually pull out and use.  I put in 11 Spellpower Elixirs, 3 stacks of Adder’s Tongue, 16 or so Runic Mana potions, and something like 25 Runic Healing potions.  If I furiously collect herbs I can generate around 40 runic potions of either type in 1 day, or about 25 flasks of various varieties.  Of course it takes 2 seconds to take these out again.

I learned the other day that in arena, you can dispel HoTs from other people.  That would make a disc priest more valuable, not only for their shields, but because you cannot dispel something that doesn’t tick.

I am thoroughly tired of getting a pumpkin thrown on my head since I cannot get rid of it again, still.

I queue up and get PoS as my random and I lose both the paladin and the druid during the Ick and Krick fight, but the paladin took a full face of poison and the druid was pulling aggro off the tank.  I had to basically spam everything I had to keep the druid up for this reason, the rest of the run.

Funny little note, if you dance too long it seems your body starts disconnecting movements and your dancing turns really spastic like having a stroke.   I trick or treat before going to bed and get this!

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