Qeet is a loot ninja

Ran a Trial of the Champion with guildies Yellowducky and Maice, and got Paletress as the challenger this time.

and she summoned Illidan Stormrage which I don’t think I’ve seen ever before.

We finish up that and the Black Knight with little trouble despite the classes still being a bit wacked.

I then run a WG and sort of fix the hp bars with the /console bloattest 1 command but they still go insane when they overlap.  Or try to, they don’t actually overlap so the hp bars jostle around to find room so you may have an hp bar nowhere near the npc/mob. We win that though the Horde did get down the outer NW wall.  A mage by the name of Rexe thanks me and says he never died thanks to my heals.

I then catch a VOA 10 because I figure I can use the messed up interface to heal at least 10 people with no problems.  The RL says he wants to do a full clear and heads to the fire boss first, which no one ever does, so me and the other healer, and one tank start to head down to frost, and the rest go to fire, resulting in a total group wipe. Seriously, no one ever starts with fire.  The fire boss goes badly, anyway.

We decide to just do frost and what do you know, the Reins of the Grand War Mammoth drop.  The raid leader is really slow on the loot and it’s fairly clear what is going to happen.  He lists the first two pieces of loot, then the war mammoth, then gives it to himself even though someone else rolled a 90 and drops party.  That is called being a loot ninja.  I call the guy, who is named Qeet a “real asshole” in trade chat.

He then mocks people by offering rides on the war mammoth, and I am highly irritated to have people say in chat that we “should have known” that would happen and “that’s what you get for running with a scrub paladin” etc etc.  Because one should expect people to ninja highly desirable loot just because it is in fact highly desirable.  Whatever.  I was nowhere near the winning roll, but I am angry for the person who won that he screwed over.  And I am mad at the people that say stupid crap like we should have known, etc etc.  As far as I know EVERYONE pugs VOA, I haven’t had a VOA guild run in like 8 months.

So Qeet, you are a douche. I don’t care if people ‘expect’ that to be ninja’d either.

I log out.

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