Yeah I’m a baddie who needs add-ons

Well now.  Despite what stupid people are saying in trade chat, I am at quite the loss on mass healing without my Xperl raid frames.  People seem to think frames or healbot heals FOR YOU and it doesn’t, it just improves the interface so you can easily see 5 to 25 OR MORE players hp bars in one convenient, customizable interface. It’s not the L2 kind of botting.

Hopefully that will get updated in a few days.

In the meantime I manage to run Drak’Tharon Keep.  The damage of the party overall is still way out of line of the bosses, and we kill the final boss (the one below is the second, Novos the Summoner) when still shape shifted into skeletons.  I’ve never seen that happen before.

I try running a battleground afterwards and get WSG, which is constantly available probably from people testing their skills and interfaces.  I give up though for a number of reasons, mostly because the hp bars aren’t working, my raid frames aren’t working, and the built in heal-bot like health frames appear to be non-customizable and visually aren’t working for me.  That and a Horde shadow priest and a frost mage were able to kill me repeatedly, even though I could not see them, at the graveyard (GY).  Spells appeared to be cast from nothing.

I think other than running my daily I’ll have to cut back playing to farming herbs until they get stuff fixed up a bit.

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