Giant patch fun

Ah the day after a giant patch.  My discipline spec hasn’t changed much but I’m not that keen on regular heal.  sure it costs less, heals for less, but it casts just as slow as greater heal which seems a little wrong.  I expected it to be between flash heal and greater heal in speed.

I have enough Justice points now to pick up the Relentless priest robe and shoulders, and I LOVE IT. It’s so pretty!

I spend some time testing out how long I can resist against another rogue friend, Arashikage outside of Stormwind.

When I am not trying to attack I can survive for quite a while, if not I die a bit faster.  I am not happy with how I heal in battlegrounds now, however.  My Xperl raid frames doesn’t currently work, I can only see some peoples HP bars, and more classes like shadow priests can now silence me.  Between the stuns, school of magic lock outs, fears, screams, saps, throw backs, etc, I don’t seem to be very effective shielding or healing right now. Also my own Scream fails on just about everyone.  I know it’ll get straightened out in a few days but ugh, right now.

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