I log in still at WG and the battle starts so I run that, and we win.  Nothing too exceptional other than us having 15 vehicles, the horde only 4 yet they breached the NW outer walls.  I have no idea what ours were doing.  Probably a bunch of idiots all getting catapults again.  I did build a siege engine out of Sunken Ring but no one was guarding me so it was quickly ripped apart by two horde.  Sloppy win but a win nonetheless.

I manage to get in on my weekly raid, which is Razorscale in Ulduar this time.

I dislike how you have to do the Flame Leviathan every time when this is a weekly but the fights themselves are pretty cool.  Last time the fire guy was the weekly, the other healer let me die in the slag pot, I was pretty pissed. I’m not even going to bother doing the weekly on the mage though.

We have no problems during the Razorscale fight, though again it irks me that the paladin has 59% healing and I only have 35, but I am fairly certain I was the only one actually healing wounded HP.  The paladin has 66% OVER HEALING so that makes sense. And yes Dag I know, I need Skada still XD

I am terribly tempted to join some of the last minute, before the big patch, ICC 25 man runs but I really, really need some extra sleep today. The talent tree changes are supposed to come out tomorrow and I’ve only read up on changes to the Discipline Priest, and shadow I only need to quest.  So yeah, I’m not really prepared but I am seriously going to bed early today XD

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