Why does the cat lady have a cleaver?

This morning I note with some horror that I’ve never completed the map of the area around Stormwind, as I head out to the cat lady’s house to get a few cat carriers.

So um.  Why does a lady with a house full of cats stand around holding a bloody cleaver?

Anyway I clear out the blank areas and get the Exploring Elwynn Forest achievement.  Also I’d like to note that last night I picked up the Sliver of Pure Ice trinket and Scourgelord’s Baton.

I queue for for a random and get Culling of Strathholme (CoS).

This goes awry when the tank wants to take on the timed boss and Malganis at the same time.  Unfortunately someone didn’t talk to Arthas to get him to under the gate area so when the tank runs in with the time dragon we can’t start the other fight too.  We burn down that boss then they run back to get Arthas, only he’s way way back at the end of that inn you run through.  I was still waiting just before the last boss with the shaman so the rest of the party starts going down. I attempt to run through the massive trash that has respawned and die quickly despite shield and mending set up.

Before I can run back to the last boss they engage it and with the shaman healing they get it down.  The tank, a paladin (Sargeros-Ravencrest) asks if I got my badge or not, I say yes.  He said he was willing to requeue with me if I had missed it.  Aw, so very nice.  Love paladins!

I finally replace my PVP cloak with a PVE one, Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky. I run a WG afterwards since it starts shortly. Oh also? This guy? Best name combo EVER, I told him so in a whisper XD

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