Last night we ran ICC 10 man and I went on my priest, so I won’t have many screenshots.  Hiding ones interface when healing is simply not a good idea.

We tried Marrowgar on Heroic but did not have the DPS to take him down.  I found that running the game as high graphics sampling lags it out like CRAZY when the blue flame criss cross the entire room.  I was also put in a spike nearly every time, but fortunately the paladin healer we PUG’d was good enough that it was not really an issue.  We ended up having to do that on regular though.

We did all the fights on regular up to the Gunship battle which was Heroic however again we did not have the DPS to take down Festergut on heroic.  Story of our lives lately, another well geared Warlock barely pulling 5k dps.

I did not do well on the Festergut fight and was hit with the Malleable Goo many, many times.  My shields and mending are instant, as well as the first flash of Penance but otherwise that causes major problems with casting speed nerfed into the ground for like 30 seconds or more.  Again I mostly had to rely on the paladin healer.

We did the rest of the fights on normal thanks to the sub par dps.  At the start of the event before Dreamwalker the warrior dropped raid with no warning. We finished Dreamwalker with 9 people, though it took one wipe because the paladin lagged out.

I rolled on a nice staff for my shadow spec and won it, then the warlock rolled late and beat me, so I had to hand it over.  What kills me is the person was like, oh do you need it? It’s like well I rolled on it so clearly I wanted it, and then you won the roll.  Why ask when I have the trade window up if I want it, of course I do! Whatever, I handed it over anyway; it was for my off-spec.  The weekly was the one where you have to kill Fester and Rot so that was a nice extra 5 frost badges and some gold.  I haven’t seen a BOE in my bag yet.

I then ran my daily dungeon with Maice and got Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom (OK).  Apparently the group prior to us wiped on the first trash and were out a tank and a healer.  With that completed I am now 1 Frost short of a new cape.

Also the person I made the potions for, who said they would send me a tip once they got their potions in the mail, never did tip me.

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