Halls of Reflection

I notice the queue for healers has been quite long lately, like 5+ minutes which doesn’t seem like a lot but it use to be almost instant. I mention this in guild and Maice offers to run it with me, and we grab Yellowducky too. As is Maice’s luck with me, we get HoR. Yellow lags out and crashes touching the warlock soul well and we 4 man up to and past the first boss. Impressive! I end up frozen behind one of the walls some how, which I’ve never done before, but oddly no one needed healing.

Afterwards Lila asks if I want to do The Lich King and tells me to go to Ironforge for inspection. Yes, Ironforge. They say their priest has dropped for the last 5 minutes and hadn’t come back. I wait about 10 more and I’m told I’ll be invited, but the leader of the raid is shouting for a priest for ICC with over 5900 gs and the LK achievement (snobs) and seems miffed I am not Exalted with Ashen Verdict. As if farming trash and bosses requires a lot of skill. After wasting my time standing around I’m told the priest they kicked came back and they do not need me. Apparently it was Yemener too, who is now in Hero after being in my guild all of 1 day. Meh. I will never get LK I swear.


It turns out that group last night did get the LK, which is depressing. I guess I only get invited to groups that fail all over the place.

I receive the Saronite bars from the mage and turn them into Titanium which takes 8 saronite bars per. During this I learn a new transmutation, Eternal Earth to Air. If that didn’t have a long cool down it would be very nice since Eternal Earths are the cheapest of the bunch and Air and Fire way more valuable. I’m on the fence on selling the Titanium bars now or later. In Cataclysm we will have 2 new races that will need top end craftable gear, but who knows if they will be able to just earn better from questing or dungeons. Looking at gear I had in Outland (Burning Crusades) and what I got when I hit Northrend, that is highly likely. I decide to sell the bars on the Auction House. The lowest bars are a little over 10g so I set the starting at 9 and buy out at 10g 10s.

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