Azjol Nerub

Ran my Horseman and earned the Hallowed Helm, then ran my daily dungeon, which I guess isn’t exactly daily any more, and got Azjol-Nerub (AN).  This is my favorite mostly due to it being the fastest dungeon to run, but also because the spider voices are pretty cool. I lose the tank just prior to the first boss because I got web wrapped repeatedly and wasn’t broken out of it until I took my fingers off my key binds to type out that I was in fact webbed.

The tanks asked the hunter to glitch Hadronox but he doesn’t know how, and although he Feign Death’d in the hall area, it doesn’t glitch it and we do the fight the normal way.

The last boss is little trouble and at least no one got thrown into the air from the spikes. I need to work on my flight paths (FP) at some point because I noticed I skipped a lot of them, having leveled up to 80 on dungeons and PVP only for the most part.

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