Crafting is Hard

On Wed we wiped all night on the heads boss even with 4 healers. Dor died a bunch to the same mechanic at the end too, the ice beam things. Sigh.

And this hasn’t happened in a while but I remember why I never respond to requests in trade for crafting. This hunter wanted a tailor with the imbued netherweave bag pattern. Why you’d want that bag with frostweave, embersilk so easily available, I don’t know, but I figured maybe they just had all the mats and figured why not.

So I switched to my mage and linked the rec. Like clockwork they replied that the had the silk and some bolts. The bags take more than that. The imbued bolts require dust, the bags require planar stuff. They were like “so can you make a few?”. I said you actually have to HAVE the mats, to make the bags. They asked me to link the imbued bolt and I did, then asked how to make the planar essence. I said it was from DEing and after a while they stopped responding and I logged back to my druid.

Then I see “looking for someone who can make imbued netherweave bags I have all the mats”. I replied “2 mins ago you didn’t”. They stopped spamming trade after that. I don’t get how crafting is THAT HARD.

I met a new warrior, whose name escapes me at the moment, when I was being sassy in trade chat. We talked for a while and they said they don’t pvp and hate it, but needed wins in Kotmogu and Silvershard. We added as friends. It took maybe 5 tries to get Kotmogu, but we ran SSM for at least 2 hours and did not get one win. The best part was one of the battles everyone just chilled at the starting point, then the next one after it was clear we were going to lose, I started dancing after respawning. Some hunter said to report me afk and I said “go ahead I don’t give a shit we lose this 100% of the time anyway”. I got called a ‘dick’ and thrown out. Oh well.

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