Sometimes I Have to be Mean

I posted on the guild forums that I did not want to raid next week. Dor needing on and winning a ring that someone else really could have used, after winning a thunder forged weapon and several other pieces is driving me up the wall. This is in addition to him screwing up constantly and enough is enough. I don’t like him as a co-heals and raiding is just pissing me off in this situation.

Cruc lead guild rbgs on Thurs and I know a few people were there that don’t pvp or don’t like pvp. We did win one though. I brought Shock with and he ended up asking if Fel was trolling. Why you ask? Well whenever a queue pops, or he dies and releases, he’ll lose connection and then can’t get back in for several minutes. This happened once and we had to 9m AB. Then it happened again and we had to 9m another. This does look a lot like trolling when after the 2nd try the person is still ‘damn ya’ll I didn’t get in AGAIN’. But when he asked to try a third time I had enough and said something in vent like “look you made us be down a man TWO TIMES already I think that’s plenty” and he said “fine I’ll just log”. I personally would be mortified if I did that once much less twice.

Shock left after 2 of them I think it was. Said our hunter was horrible, the rogue was just standing in one place and spamming fan of knives, no one was really calling out anything, etc. I know it’s supposed to be fun and losing for points but when it’s epic terrible it ruins it.

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