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Worst RBGS ever

I got in a yolo rbg tonight with a guardian druid named Skilex.  ilevel a whopping 516, no gems, no enchants, no reforging, had as much health in bear form as my druid in no form.

First one, WSG, we lost.  We had absolutely no O.

Second one, WSG.  We won, but had to cap the fucking flag 4x before the idiot druid capped it.

Third one, AB.  We got two bases, the druid threw a hissy we didn’t follow directions and rage quit.  Then another person, and another.  We got 5 capped and lost quick.  The other team was all 1700 to our average of probably 500.  Lovely.

Alliance in general, well at least in randoms and yolo rbgs, have no idea how to pvp.  The mage was yelling to turtle with 18 mins left in WSG, then again at 13 mins.  I just, omg.  It’s awful.

Paying Attention is Expensive

Originally OQueue seemed like a good place to find actual serious pvpers. But, gosh lately it’s just as bad as getting in a random. First off, CTF maps pop way, way too much. I had one we actually won, but our warrior FC didn’t seem to notice the flag was returned, and avoided the cap spot, while everyone was screaming in chat, CAP CAP OMG CAP. He barely made the cap, before 6 of the other team burst into our flag room.

Nearly gave me a heart attack. A pixel one, not a real one.

Then had on, 2-3 Twin Peaks where we were all over the place, zero peels, zero support carrying the flag, getting GY camped, that kind of thing. Then WSG’s, same thing, they run the flag across the field with no resistance, we don’t even pick up their flag, and so on. I think I’m ready to quit.

Then, I sort of gave up wanting to do 2’s.  My rogue partner, literally says things like “I didn’t notice you died”, or has 25% of my overall damage.  I actually threw a fit one night when we almost had a resto shaman dead. I got caught in a stun, and he couldn’t close the deal with the shaman at 5% health and she hard cast in his face. To full.  I said seriously, I’m done.  I’ll have full prideful on both chars next week and although I don’t especially LIKE arena, I really dislike it when someone who admits they “tunnel vision” and has no awareness of any kind.


I caught another RBG last night, which happens to have the same mage that picked up my hunter the night before.  We totally won this, and easily.


I thanked them for taking my hunter, since it’s often hard to get groups anyway.   I rage quit an RBG before that, where the team was doing so well they could send 6-7 people to our FC and we had no defense.  Just couldn’t take it.

And, really?


Fucking warlock pets.

The Warrior is Satan Himself

I hit 44 last night, and thinks are finally getting good.  I got Paralysis, I’ll be getting Dematerialize next level, and I think mana tea is coming up.

Though low level bgs are still rather amusing because of class imbalance.  For instance I LOL’d at bg chat twice today:

WoWScrnShot_040714_155513 WoWScrnShot_040714_161254

Really enjoying the class.  I managed to even cap my hunter last night as well.  I think some people think I’m that Tease person that records on twitch.tv though.  The other day I got something like “don’t afk Teasel I’ll be watching you!” It’s like huh?  I had been asked if I was streaming one night and I asked what the heck, and they told me about that. weird.


Yolo RBGs Have Been Terrible Lately

Now I understand why people were skeptical about me getting 1700 in what was essentially yolo’s.  Oh my gosh the groups have been terrible.  Like worse than random terrible.  I ran three on my druid last night and lost ALL THREE.  So, see this?


The other team was so bad that I was allowed to stand back here and heal so hard I went OOM and not get touched, but we still couldn’t hold a base.  I think my rating is something like 950, but only because of those 2 awesome wins the other day.  Otherwise it would be 50, or… 100.

I boosted my warrior to 90 and I’m trying out fury.  I guess arms is better but whatever, I want to learn fury.  Warriors are fun, and have so many skills; it’s kind of ridiculous.

I also want to go back to Dragon Soul to get the Deep Earth druid set, it’s pretty.