Yolo RBGs Have Been Terrible Lately

Now I understand why people were skeptical about me getting 1700 in what was essentially yolo’s.  Oh my gosh the groups have been terrible.  Like worse than random terrible.  I ran three on my druid last night and lost ALL THREE.  So, see this?


The other team was so bad that I was allowed to stand back here and heal so hard I went OOM and not get touched, but we still couldn’t hold a base.  I think my rating is something like 950, but only because of those 2 awesome wins the other day.  Otherwise it would be 50, or… 100.

I boosted my warrior to 90 and I’m trying out fury.  I guess arms is better but whatever, I want to learn fury.  Warriors are fun, and have so many skills; it’s kind of ridiculous.

I also want to go back to Dragon Soul to get the Deep Earth druid set, it’s pretty.

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