Well, this just won’t do

Met 2 rogues the other day.  One, Ayita, I ran into killing an ally rogue who kept harassing Thunderbluff.


I killed that guy 2-3 times, once with a shell, and another time after a rez and his vanishes were on CD.


Then later I ran into another rogue at Crossroads, who I got to half health and they ran out.  I flew off to wack them but the second I landed I got sapped.  I was amused and said “clever girl”.  Shortly after I got a btag invite.   We sort of hit it off, so to speak.



Killed a spriest twice that came out there with him, then had to kill him once when he was attacking a horde healer.  I may have made an alliance rogue friend though, I feel dirty.  I don’t like friending people that don’t like to fight when we meet on opposite factions.  Stupid feelings get hurt.

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