Just a vicious asshole

I was out in Halaa the other day, and shot a level 60 something druid out of the sky, then tested sticking a disengage landing.  Didn’t take a lick of damage.  Then of course I got a rager raging about pvp happening.  Hint: We’re on a pve server, if you don’t flag I can’t hit you.


Then had some fun with 90’s on the ground.  Not very good 90’s but hey I’ll take it.


Later I was doing premades with a group I met on the forums, we won 4 ABs in a row.  This warrior would NOT shut up about how bad we were doing, so I took a look at his gear.  Mostly Timeless stuff, not enchanted.  Then I get this.  I’ve never heard of people comparing death counts and using it as a bragging right, just saying.


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