First Alliance Compliment

I was out in Halaa today between bg queues again, and ran into a level 63 warlock, I forget the name, Herb something I think.  Killed them several times.  The one DK, and another DK showed up.  Killed them both.


After one rezzed up and I killed them again, a disc priest showed up.  I knew I was licked at that point and just kind of “LOL’d” around a bit before perching on my regular spot.  The disc priest logged over to compliment me, then helped retake Halaa.


They mentioned that a hard core pvp guild, named Scipe or something like that, shows up sometimes.  I don’t recall that guild.

Later though, we ran into this mage, and 2 hunters that just destroyed me.  The damage itself wasn’t that bad, but the BLANKET FUCKING SILENCES omg fuck it.  That and a 1,000 yard run from Halaa to Garadar was annoying.

They took for fucking ever to die also.  I tried to pop HotW and finish off the hunter when they were at 10% but I couldn’t even dent them, ridiculous.


But I will say I still enjoy wpvp immensely because of the variety in landscapes, being able to fly, knock people off stuff, dismount them in the air, and  escape without running into walls.

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