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Spreading the Joy of WPvP

I ran into Oakfur in Westfall the other day, who I originally ran into at Saldean’s Farm some months back.  I had killed a mage out there, and killed Oakfur several times. He started it again today, and wondered how I knew he was attacking that area again.  I shared my /join worlddefense and now another batman is on the loose, only Horde side this time.

Speaking of, I finally got a kill on Unlimitedwar.


Sure, I had Predator around to help me, but I got the credit.  I’ll leave it as  a testament to how slippery that rogue is, that I needed both a sticky bomb, a hunter, and had to pop incarnation just to make sure he didn’t escape.  “Take it as a compliment” as I like to say.


This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamned arms race


This was in response to me going 1v3 against 2 rogues and a mage, all level 100. WoWScrnShot_030415_100314

It went on for 20 minutes or so, not actual RAGING, but what appeared to be honest confusion as to why I wouldn’t let them kill all the npcs, take Halaa, wait long enough to get the mount, GET the mount, and THEN attack.  I said no, you have to TAKE Halaa from me, kicking and screaming; I just don’t give it up.



Apparently ganking ‘lowbies’ now extends to people who don’t know how to pvp.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hit my so called ‘victims’ as they come; undergeared/geared, experienced/not so much, afk, ready for me, better than me, doesn’t matter.   It’s not a duel, it’s world pvp.

Today’s Menu Alliance is Serving…

1 hunter, whipped 3x

1 shaman,  punched down once, allowed to rise, and punched again.


1 mage sliced one then churned into a forced-logout

1 warrior diced

Same shaman again again, allowed to stuff into a building and then mashed.

1 rogue sticky-bombed THRICE and beaten into a pulp.


1 shadow priest dispersed and squashed. TWICE.



Ah, it was a good morning in Halaa.