Paying Attention is Expensive

Originally OQueue seemed like a good place to find actual serious pvpers. But, gosh lately it’s just as bad as getting in a random. First off, CTF maps pop way, way too much. I had one we actually won, but our warrior FC didn’t seem to notice the flag was returned, and avoided the cap spot, while everyone was screaming in chat, CAP CAP OMG CAP. He barely made the cap, before 6 of the other team burst into our flag room.

Nearly gave me a heart attack. A pixel one, not a real one.

Then had on, 2-3 Twin Peaks where we were all over the place, zero peels, zero support carrying the flag, getting GY camped, that kind of thing. Then WSG’s, same thing, they run the flag across the field with no resistance, we don’t even pick up their flag, and so on. I think I’m ready to quit.

Then, I sort of gave up wanting to do 2’s.  My rogue partner, literally says things like “I didn’t notice you died”, or has 25% of my overall damage.  I actually threw a fit one night when we almost had a resto shaman dead. I got caught in a stun, and he couldn’t close the deal with the shaman at 5% health and she hard cast in his face. To full.  I said seriously, I’m done.  I’ll have full prideful on both chars next week and although I don’t especially LIKE arena, I really dislike it when someone who admits they “tunnel vision” and has no awareness of any kind.

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