Worst RBGS ever

I got in a yolo rbg tonight with a guardian druid named Skilex.  ilevel a whopping 516, no gems, no enchants, no reforging, had as much health in bear form as my druid in no form.

First one, WSG, we lost.  We had absolutely no O.

Second one, WSG.  We won, but had to cap the fucking flag 4x before the idiot druid capped it.

Third one, AB.  We got two bases, the druid threw a hissy we didn’t follow directions and rage quit.  Then another person, and another.  We got 5 capped and lost quick.  The other team was all 1700 to our average of probably 500.  Lovely.

Alliance in general, well at least in randoms and yolo rbgs, have no idea how to pvp.  The mage was yelling to turtle with 18 mins left in WSG, then again at 13 mins.  I just, omg.  It’s awful.

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