The Warrior is Satan Himself

I hit 44 last night, and thinks are finally getting good.  I got Paralysis, I’ll be getting Dematerialize next level, and I think mana tea is coming up.

Though low level bgs are still rather amusing because of class imbalance.  For instance I LOL’d at bg chat twice today:

WoWScrnShot_040714_155513 WoWScrnShot_040714_161254

Really enjoying the class.  I managed to even cap my hunter last night as well.  I think some people think I’m that Tease person that records on though.  The other day I got something like “don’t afk Teasel I’ll be watching you!” It’s like huh?  I had been asked if I was streaming one night and I asked what the heck, and they told me about that. weird.


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