Wellp it took until I got Surging Mist to have a viable heal for surviving hunters, rogues, warriors, etc.  Why the bleeding hell monks don’t get a fast STRONG heal until that point is beyond me.

Battlegrounds are without a doubt even more amusing at lower levels than 90.  I’m not talking the insane damage from some classes, just the playing.

For example no one really guards a base, like not ever.   This is somewhat common at 90 but it’s funny to watch a full 14 people rush past Farm at AB and not one bother to cap it much less stay to defend.  I’ll comment that no one is guarding it, and some smart ass will tell me to.  This goes back to the “someone else can do it” pattern of things.

I point out I’m a healer, that’s not my job.

“LOLz I do it all the time U can defend”

I get all prima donna on them and tell them I, do not, defend.  It’s a matter of principle.   YOU DPS.  ME HEALS.   I mean I could.  I sometimes do but I don’t want to encourage this stupid behavior.


Also: Murderous bunnies with axes in Stonetalon Mountains.  The little things you don’t see flying everywhere.


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