Day after a patch

Well, the day after a patch is always fairly brutal and this was no exception.  We now have many more Glyphs (like L2 tats) to set up, 3 Prime, Major, and Minor rather than just the Major and Minor ones.  Once you learn a glyph you can swap it out at any time with Vanishing Powder, no more rebuying glyphs each time to reuse them.  Buffs no longer take reagents, even though my portals still do, and mage table.

I put my main spec into arcane, and the new trees leave little to mess with.  You pretty much have to learn the entire tree before you can stick a few points into another tree.  I can no longer learn Icy Veins from frost or Icy Shards, but Improved Counterspell is easily available to all trees.  This makes sense and Blizzard clearly knows that most everyone was putting just enough points in Arcane to get Improved Counterspell anyway.  Icy Veins probably didn’t belong being in an arcane mages abilities.

The frost spec is now massively overpowered, with Frostbolt casting very quickly, brain freeze and the frostfire bolt being proc’d insta cast, cone of cold doing massive AOE damage and ice lance and Deep Freeze causing lots of damage and stunned immobility as well as the over all slow freezing effects.  I try to queue for for WG but even getting in 10 mins in advance I get booted out saying it’s too full.  That doesn’t make me happy.  I spend a good part of the rest of the time dueling Leonz, my paladin friend, and I kick his ass the majority of the time.  Frost is definitely goofy overpowered.  In fact the last battleground I ran, over 50% of the people in there were mages.

The health bars over enemies and friendly players are only working some of the time, which throws a giant kink into the way I pvp.  I target on HP bars on mobs and players, so this causes me lots of issues.  I buy my glyphs and log out.

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