I read on the forums that the Wrathful pvp gear, which is currently the top set, is available for purchase with honor and the 2000 arena score is ignored.  I run to the Veteran Arena guy in Dalaran sewers and sure enough it is! I buy the weapon, wand, offhand, robe, pants, and gloves without hesitation.  I spend something like 9,000 honor for it.  Some people say it’s bugged and Blizzard may remove the gear so I an hesitant on enchanting and gemming it.

I run WSG and Eye of the Storm (EotS) and we lose badly both times.

Only Arashikage is on so we go run Zul’Gurub and I get my Deadliest Catch achievement.

The tiger boss is down, which is boo!  He has the cat I want already.

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